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We love working as English teachers, and we hope you will too. The language classroom is a fascinating place, where we can explore grammar and vocabulary, have fun with pronunciation, practise skills such as reading, listening and writing, or enjoy a friendly chat with our students to practise speaking. As communication is the most effective way to learn any language, English teachers have a mandate to communicate, and to foster communication between their learners, whether it be through discussions, games, role plays, poetry or even drama!

Like all teaching jobs, working as an English teacher means working with people; they provide the variety and motivation to keep us developing our skills and rising to new challenges. Their needs and personalities help us to learn about ourselves, and to broaden our horizons. And if you’re fascinated with language, what you learn about teaching English effectively can help you to learn other languages. 

Of course, one of the main attractions about taking the Training 4 TEFL Trinity CertTESOL course and becoming a TEFL teacher is that it enables you to travel and work almost anywhere in the world, including the UK and Ireland when you come back from your travels. And when you feel like a change you can move on or back to the UK, where experienced teachers will always find work.

And there are plenty of opportunities for career development. The Trinity DipTESOL or the Cambridge DELTA qualifications open up a whole range of new possibilities, including working as a director of studies, taking up a senior teaching position, getting into teacher training, examining or even the massive world of ELT publishing, one of the UK’s largest export markets. 

It’s true that the money has never been the greatest, although some jobs in the Middle East offer significant tax-free salaries. Alternatively, if you become popular with your learners, you can always open your own school! However, most of us do it because we love the job, and the opportunities for travel it provides us with. 

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