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Help Finding Work Where Can I Find Work?

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Looking for work abroad, newly qualified teachers should find it easy to find a permanent position in southern Europe (Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, etc.), Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, etc.), Asia, Africa or South America and some parts of the middle east, such as Turkey. There is also some very well paid work in the Middle East in universities and colleges, although generally employers require higher level qualifications or a few years’ experience. In northern Europe, the competition is greater and more of the work tends to be in primary and secondary schools, where they may expect further qualifications. 

It is also possible to find work in the UK, especially in and around London where there is a large number of schools. Although there is quite a lot of competition, especially for permanent positions, newly qualified teachers can usually find temporary work (while applying for a permanent position either in the UK or overseas). Language schools are always looking for cover teachers at short notice, so you can make yourself much more attractive to an employer if you let them know that you are happy to do cover work, or to begin working on standby. During the summer, a large number of summer schools open all across the UK, many of which are residential, and the demand for teachers increases greatly. Contracts tend to be short (4-8 weeks), but it’s possible to save some money if you’re at a residential school, and it can be a lot of fun when you’re part of a summer school team. 

Training 4 TEFL have special relationships with other schools and recruitment consultants in the UK and around the world (Spain, China and Japan for example). As a result we are often able to place newly qualified trainees in good positions straight after their course. Here's a testimonial from a London based employer:

“Over the last 18 months, Lakefield Hospitality and Catering Training Centre has asked Training 4 TEFL for four teachers. The first, Beth, was amazing – loved by the students and effective in her teaching – 100% exam pass rate.  The second teacher, Celia, was equally wonderful and a brilliant teacher!  When I needed a third teacher I did not think my luck could hold out, but Sas was a dream.  The fourth, Elaine, has also been great! Four great teachers in a row!  If you had been in our business you would have been awarded three Michelin stars! If anyone was considering training as an ESOL teacher in London, on results alone, I would only ever recommend Training 4 TEFL.”

Judith Sheehan, Human Resources, Lakefield Hospitality & Catering Training Centre


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