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Training 4 TEFL graduates travel far and wide. There are graduates working all over the world including:

  • In the far east: Japan, Thailand, China and Malaysia

  • In the Mediterranean: Spain, Italy, Cyprus and Turkey

  • In South / Central America: Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and the Caribbean 

  • In the UK: London, Scotland, and several even at Rose of York Language School

  • And lots more locations around the world, including Africa, New Zealand, North America, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia

Here are some 'letters home' we've received from recent Training 4 TEFL graduates:

"I have been offered an, in my opinion, amazing job opportunity in Edinburgh. I will be teaching 18+ (age) students, part-time, at a backpacker hostel in central Edinburgh. Students will consist of residents from that hostel and, potentially, other local hostels. I have pretty much completely free reign, in terms of lesson content, duration of lessons etc., which is exciting but also a little daunting. My plan is to do very interactive classes, such as teaching key language one day then taking them into town the next, so students can use the taught language. [I can't wait to get started]]"

Iben Hall, from Denmark, Training 4 TEFL graduate

"I'm in Vietnam and have been teaching here for over two years. I've taught aged 2 - IELTS and am currently working in a 5* resort teaching the staff."

Alice Slee, from London, Training 4 TEFL graduate

 "I'm teaching in South Korea in a province called Yongin, near Seoul. Having a really great time and trying to make the most of being in such a different area of the world. Things are going well and I'm having a brilliant time. Absolutely love the kids. Just yesterday I used the Training 4 TEFL 'clap and click' method to teach word stress in class. The students loved it!"

Jennifer Sheardown, from Liverpool, Training 4 TEFL graduate

"I've been teaching in the beautiful island of Cyprus for 2 months now, only a short space of time, however it has changed my life! I have become somewhat of a phonetics 'expert', being the only teacher with a British accent - pip pip ol' chum! - so am innundated with requests for pronuciation lessons and phonetic translations!! My Polish teenager has a fixation for the supernatural so as an extensive reading task, I've introduced her to original texts, Bram Stockers 'Dracula', Mary Shellys 'Frankenstein' and it is very fulfilling to see her face change with excitement and horror at this new found content!!! I will always be grateful to everyone at Training 4 TEFL, for helping me achieve something I never thought possible."

Marika Karekedou, from London, Training 4 TEFL graduate

"I got my first job in a school in Lviv, western Ukraine. It was a good place to start, but a little cold in the winter!  I stayed there for 6 months and then applied for a job in the town of Curitiba, in the south of Brazil, and I'm still here 1 year later! For the first time in my life, I can honestly say I love my job. I've made some good friends in the students and the other teachers (they're all Brazilian, except 2 Americans) I'm learning to speak Portuguese - it's quite difficult but I'm getting there slowly. For now I'll just say: 'Obrigado Training 4 TEFL!'

Suzy Harding, from Oxford, Training 4 TEFL Graduate

"I've been working in Xiamen, an island on the east coast of China, with the expanding and international teaching franchise English First  (EF) which teaches all ages and abilities, from business English students to teenagers. One of my favourite lessons is one in which I form the curriculum for an eight year old student called Einstein who is training for a televised spoken English competition in Beijing this summer. He is currently reading Aesop's Fables for idiomatic language and Don Quixote for pleasure. The colleagues are friendly and have done their utmost to help me adapt to the Chinese way of life. I'm pretty chuffed."

Robert Ryan, from London, Training 4 TEFL Graduate

"A few weeks after completing the Training4Tefl course I started on a three-month contract at the London School of Business and Finance. I'm teaching English for the media which suits me very well after 35 years as a journalist. My career change at age 57 has been fascinating and great fun and shows every sign of being exactly what I wanted. I plan to teach full and part-time for many years instead of working long hours as a journalist followed by retirement."

David Maitland, from London, Training 4 TEFL Graduate

"I'm in Mexico teaching in a private English school that promotes British English. It's in Leon, Guanajuato. It's been 2 months and counting since I started and I have classes with kids, teens and adults, from beginners to advanced. Sometimes I have to pinch myself when my students call me "maestra"'. It's been good and challenging. My Spanish is getting better too, which is great!"

Mega Erekaife, from Nigeria, Training 4 TEFL Graduate

"I started my new job last week in Hanoi (China) just a few weeks after graduating from Training 4 TEFL.  Its going really well!  I teach English and basic Science to 5 to 9 year old children.   I also do one day a week at a high school teaching English.   I have 25 contact hours a week but I am doing more work because of the lesson planning while I find my feet.  There is lots of work out here at the moment and some good money to be made. Currently I earn around $25 an hour which is great.  They are crying out for qualified TEFL teachers here. If you know anyone that is interested in coming out here I would only be too happy helping them with some e mail addresses and advice!" 

Daniel Lewis, from London, England, Training 4 TEFL Graduate

"I've been spending my summer working at different locations around the UK teaching children and teenagers through Ardmore Language schools. It has been a challenging summer but certainly not a dull one! The best student I had the priviledge of teaching was a 10 year old girl from France who couldn't communicate in English on the day she arrived. After 2 weeks of mis-understandings and a lot of laughs, she left with the ability to understand and respond to a range of different phrases! Hard work but SO much fun!"

Brittany Yeo, from New Zealand, Training 4 TEFL Graduate

"I'm now in South Korea!  I've been in Korea since February, teaching in the city of Incheon. I work in a public elementary school and teach 400 kids every week. The school is great and the kids are pretty cool too.  It's definitely a lot of work, but I really enjoy it.  I also have a teachers class once a week with a few staff members who want to improve their English and surprisingly  it's actually my favourite class to teach!  I just wanted to say, the Training4Tefl course was really great and I feel it prepared me well for my new career as an EFL teacher.  So thank you for all your hard work."

Ebere Nwoko, from London, Training 4 TEFL Graduate

"If I’d done the Training 4 TEFL course 30 years ago – if it had existed then – I daresay I might now be living in an exotic foreign city!  But since I’ve no intention of fleeing London (or my family) I’m currently sitting in the board room of a Japanese oil company, discussing a newspaper article on British energy policy.  My student, Mr S, is a charming geoscientist who knows a darn sight more about the subject matter than me, though I can help him with the meaning of ‘befuddled’ and ‘tribal prejudice’ (we are talking government policy). Similarly, Mr F (another private student) gives me insights into what it’s like to compete in an Ironman competition (he’s done five) and Mr K shares his enthusiasm for the Olympics and karaoke!  This teaching lark, it turns out, is a two-way street and for that I am sincerely grateful to the team at Training 4 TEFL for making it possible.  One thing though, remind me how to help my Japanese students pronounce words like 'volleyball’ correctly..."

Mike Bailey, from London, Training 4 TEFL Graduate


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