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     Written Testimonials

    Here are some written testimonials from just a few of our past trainees:

    "I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of teaching foreign learners. The course equipped all trainees to prepare lesson plans and deliver lessons effectively. It's incredibly rewarding to have made such a positive contribution to the lives of others. I would recommend it to anyone!"

    James Frith from Brentwood

    "The trainees were a mixed group of motivated and hard-working [individuals] with a variety of life experiences. This created a wealth of enjoyable anecdotes to feed into enjoyable classes. The teaching was of a high standard throughout, supportive and critical in turn to develop trainee skills and independence. I learnt a great deal..., not only about teaching but about people, their behaviours and the use of English."

    Emma Nell from North London

    "The best thing about the course is the tutors, especially their input sessions - great quality of teaching that was a good lesson on how to teach itself.  I learnt a lot of grammar and phonology and a lot about my strengths and weaknesses. I would definitely recommend this course to prospective trainees - I think the course is very proficient in bringing the best out of people."

    Freddie Perry, North London

    "The best decision I have made all year. The work was hard and frequent but always useful. The library is packed with books for ideas, the teachers and tutors are friendly, patient and understanding, and we could always ask other trainees for help. So if you're worried that the tasks will be difficult, you're right, but there is always an answer."

    Owen George, Derby

    "A very challenging, but highly rewarding experience. Teaching from the second day of the course means that trainees have the opportunity to develop their skills fully over the four weeks. I have learnt so much about my own language, teaching ideas and activities. The atmosphere between trainees has developed into friendship and I have met some incredible people here. A highly recommended course if you are prepared to work hard."

    Fran Russon, Wolverhampton

    "I've made lifelong friends on this course. I would recommend Training4TEFL if you are ready to challenge yourself and have a passion to teach not just to travel. I don't regret coming from the USA to attend this course for a second; and would do it again! Thank you!"

    James Jenner from Boston, MA, USA.

    "Great course, great classmates, great teachers and a great location. I'm very glad I chose to do the Trinity Cert TESOL at Training4TEFL. I couldn't have asked to study in a friendlier atmosphere".

    Natasha Wood from Kent

    "The course was really well structured, meaning that everything we learnt about teaching was demonstrated by the tutors. I can't believe how much we learnt over four weeks. The tutors' feedback after teaching practice was excellent as they have an amazing ability to provide very useful critical feedback while remaining positive and encouraging. Thank you all so much for your friendliness and support"

    Claire Cannon from Droitwich, Worcs (moving to Spain)

    "Training 4 TEFL delivers an intensive course that really provides such a range of learning experiences in an incredibly supportive environment. The range of sessions and areas covered is fantastic and I found everyone kind and helpful - from tutors to reception staff. A brilliant experience. "

    Sandra Bignell from London


    Stuart Weeks from South London (moving to Portugal)

    "[The tutors] must have prepared me extremely well during the course because during a recent interview I seemed to score highly when mentioning how I'd like to crack being able to use CCQs naturally, my description of pronunciation techniques and how I'd once got caught out by adapting a controlled practice too much and realised mid-lesson that I'd accidentally introduced all sorts of other grammatical complications! The interviewer said he was impressed I even had an awareness of such things as over the years he's observed many teachers who are quite clueless on all these things."

    Cheryl Horabin, West London

    "Absolutely brilliant. I find it hard to believe a better course is out there. The four weeks are intensive, however the pace means there is less time to panic and no time to procrastinate, it gets you used to working with speed and efficiency. The structure of the training is incredibly well designed and very effective, and the content is invaluable. I am amazed and excited by how much we learned.

    (The tutors) are exceptional..., encouraging, supporting and a total inspiration every step of the way. They are the best of the best and should be sent to Top Gun and given a fighter jet to play with."

     Ceri Lewis from Suffolk (soon to be France)

    "The course is designed to challenge your knowledge and, at the same time, the amount of help and guidance from the tutors was invaluable. All the tutors and staff are dedicated and extremely friendly. I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge which will give me a great base to build my teaching career in the future. Thank you so much! The best training centre in London for the Trinity Cert TESOL"

    Ron Linden from South Africa via London

     "I find it hard to believe that there could be a better-run TEFL course than this one. Every stage is meticulously planned and engagingly executed. The tutors are kind, friendly and available for support at every stage. I feel I have developed as a person as well as a teacher and it is in this respect that the course has surpassed all my expectations. I would recommend it to everyone. Regardless of cost, this course is exceptional. That it is considerably cheaper than its competitors makes the quality all the more striking."

    Alex Paget from Devon

    "From the moment I clicked on that 'Training 4 TEFL' link on the internet, every part of this experience has been so wonderful! Input sessions are incredibly enlightening and a fantastic demonstration of teaching for us to follow. Teaching practice was well organised to attract such great students and feedback was always incredibly valuable. I appreciate having to do it as a group to have several points of view and learn from each others' successes and mistakes. I love, love, love our classroom with it's fancy smartboard, printer, library and lockers. And of course the beautiful and lovely staff on reception. All I can say is a huge thank you - it's fantastic!"

    Bethany Cureton from Brighton

    "The course is very intelligently designed, with each of the five units complementing one another to build towards a rich practical and theoretical understanding of TEFL. All of us were able to see that we'd made huge amounts of progress when we looked back on our initial skill levels. But it's not just a matter of good course design and content; above all it's been the quality of training that's made this course so utterly memorable."

    Laurence West from London

    "The school is a very friendly and warming environment, the teachers are very helpful, guiding you throughout each stage of the course. The TEFL course really helped improve my self-confidence and gave me the essential skills needed to become a great teacher. The resources within the school are excellent and I recommend anyone thinking of doing a TEFL course to choose Training4TEFL. P.S. You won't find a friendlier school!"

    Hammal Subra from London

    "Very hard working, knowledgeable and helpful tutors. A life-changing and eye-opening experience. I've found the whole course invaluable. Very happy to have done it, and on my way to getting better at it! Highly recommend it to prospective trainees. It's true what they say on the website: "The friendliest TEFL course in London."

    Ahmet Cakir from Turkey

    “The course did exactly what it says on the tin: comprehensive, detailed, well-structured and adapted to different types of student. Effective and amiable tutors; excellent classroom atmosphere. Great result!”

    Celia de Bourchgrave, from London

    “The course exuded a great, positive energy and the tutors were extremely encouraging regarding our learning experiences. In terms of resources and facilities, the school provided computers, text books and flashcards for us to prepare our lessons. Throughout the whole course, the tutors supported us with personal advice and strong encouragement, and by doing so, developed us individually as teachers. I would definitely advise others who want to pursue their career in teaching to apply to Training 4 TEFL. It’s a very comfortable course and is run by professional and encouraging teachers.”

    Richard Hughes, from Essex

    "The tutors are really helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend the Training 4 TEFL course for anyone who is considering becoming a teacher. You learn so much in such a short space of time. The teaching techniques I've learnt will definitely stay with me."

    Sarita Khaira from London

     “I found this course to be well structured and efficiently run. The tutors were very professional and patient with us. The school has excellent resources with plenty of archived material which proved invaluable when planning for teaching practice. We were all thoroughly taught in all aspects of the syllabus and there were plenty of opportunities to practise our new skills. I’d definitely recommend this course to prospective teachers of English.”

    Graham Young, from London

    “I would recommend studying at Training 4 TEFL. The qualification truly opens many doors. The course is very interesting, challenging and well-organised. The trainers are all extremely down-to-earth, approachable, dedicated and always willing to go a step out of their way to help and provide guidance. The school is resourced with everything that you need for the course.”

    Tagwa Ali from London

    “Teacher-centred lessons? Forget about it! Training 4 TEFL will teach you how to turn the boredom of a lesson into a fun and enjoyable experience.”

    Sara Colombo, from Padova, Italy

    “I am 200% satisfied with the school, the staff and the course. You learn more than you think you could in a friendly atmosphere – the tutors get the best out of you because they want you to succeed. You’ll surprise yourself with your own abilities! I definitely recommend this school to anyone who wants to “achieve their aims”!

    Gigi Bourorga, from Paris, France

    “If you’re thinking of taking the Trinity CertTESOL and you’re looking for a school which is supportive of its trainees, passionate about the craft of teaching and professional in its approach to giving you the best start to your teaching career, then Training 4 TEFL really is for you. I couldn’t recommend a better school to study at – they really are ‘the friendliest school in London’!”

    Paul Wheeler, former secondary school teacher from Essex

     “You will learn so much; teaching skills, English grammar, phonetics, etc. All the tutors are very friendly and helpful, and will teach you all you need to become the perfect teacher by the end of the course. I would certainly recommend this to prospective trainees as you will learn a lot and enjoy it.”

    Curtis Reid, from London

    "The course was extremely well organised. The tutors were friendly and approachable, going above just simply administering the course. The facilities and dedicated trainee classroom were ample to enable us to meet the demands of the course. Above all, running the course in a vibrant language school was a real plus, enabling us to see the workings of a real language learning environment."

    Melissa Humphrey from Windsor

    “It’s all about the journey. If you’re ready to work hard and go further than you thought, this course with its tutors and the friends you make along the way, is worth checking out.”

    Warren Spencer from Seattle, USA

    "I honestly can say that there's nothing I didn't like about the course... caring tutors, really good facilities provided, nice atmosphere and camaraderie with the other trainees, wonderful students for our teaching practice, and really useful inputs. What more could I ask for? This course really helped me to transform my dream into reality. I learned how to be a good teacher and I now have the opportunity to teach all around the world! I would recommend this course to everybody who's interested in teaching English to foreign language speakers."

    Sara Cavalieri from Bologna, Italy

    “You learn a lot from this course. I would most definitely recommend Training 4 TEFL if you are looking at going into EFL, as you get a lot of support from all of the tutors and the other trainees on the course.”

    Josh Smith, from Southampton

    "The tutors are friendly and the learning atmosphere infectious. As trainees on the course we all bonded extremely quickly and learnt a lot from each other as well. The input sessions are very informative, the teaching practice is massively useful and necessary, and the feedback has given us the means to assess our own lessons well. The school facilities are ideal and the assignments have taught me a lot, encouraging individual thought. My thanks to all the tutors for their patient work."

    Robert Ryan from London

     “Friendly tutors and great content. I was able to experience a steep improvement to my teaching skills in a short time. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to acquire the necessary tools to take on an amazing career as an English teacher.”

    Juan David Lopez, from Colombia

    “The course was extremely well run and the course tutors were very knowledgeable and helpful.”

    Laura Mills, from Dorset

    “It has been an incredible experience, one that I won’t forget. I’m so pleased to have done it and the sense of achievement is immense.”

    Ekanem Peers from London

    Employer Testimonial

    “Over the last 18 months, Lakefield Hospitality and Catering Training Centre has asked Training 4 TEFL for four teachers. The first, Beth, was amazing – loved by the students and effective in her teaching – 100% exam pass rate.  The second teacher, Celia, was equally wonderful and a brilliant teacher!  When I needed a third teacher I did not think my luck could hold out, but Sas was a dream.  The fourth, Elaine, has also been great! Four great teachers in a row!  If you had been in our business you would have been awarded three Michelin stars! If anyone was considering training as an ESOL teacher in London, on results alone, I would only ever recommend Training 4 TEFL.”

    Judith Sheehan, Human Resources, Lakefield Hospitality & Catering Training Centre

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