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The School & Facilities Training 4 TEFL Abusive Behaviour / Equality Policies

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Training 4 TEFL provides a safe environment, conducive for all students to study in and staff members to work in. Abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.

Abusive behaviour (or Abuse) is understood as being any behaviour intended to hurt or upset physically or emotionally. This includes, but is not limited to:

• physical violence or inflicting of physical pain or discomfort of any kind

• sexual harassment, including physical and verbal abuse

• bullying and intimidation

• threats of any kind

• name calling or laughing at someone

• dissemination of false information with malicious intent

• intentional exclusion of someone from an activity and intentionally ignoring someone or refusing to work or interact with someone when this is required as part of their course of study

• coercing someone to do something unwillingly

Procedure for Dealing with Abusive Behaviour

Members of staff should listen to any complaints of abusive behaviour and report them to the Director of Studies, who will investigate complaints and accusations further by discussing the incident(s) sensitively and confidentially with all parties involved. If abusive behaviour is judged to have taken place, the incident will be recorded, and any perpetrator(s) will be required to offer an apology to the victim(s) and provided with a clear reminder of school policy and what sanctions will be imposed if any further behaviour is confirmed, including the possibility that the perpetrator(s) will be excluded from a class, suspended or expelled from the school itself.

If a perpetrator is under 18, their parents / guardians will be contacted immediately and informed of the behaviour and the sanctions imposed.

In the event that extreme abusive behaviour (any abusive behaviour involving dangerous physical harm or where the law has obviously been broken) is deemed to have been committed, the Director of Studies will contact the police and suspend the alleged perpetrator(s) immediately until police enquiries have been carried out.


Training 4 TEFL prides itself on being a centre of cultural and linguistic diversity that celebrates the variety of ethnic and cultural heritage of its students and teachers, recognising all as equals. Our staff abide carefully by the provisions of the following acts, as well as all provision within the laws of the United Kingdom regarding equality of opportunity and opposition of discrimination, both within the learning environment, and on the premises of the school as a whole:

•The Sex Discrimination Act 1975

•The Race Relations Act 1976

•The Disability Discrimination Act 1995

•The Education Acts of 1996 and 1997


As such, we oppose all and any negative discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, disability, nationality, ethnicity, class, age, religion, sexuality and employment status. Any incidence of reported negative discrimination either witnessed by staff or reported to staff will be investigated and dealt with appropriately. This may include issue of a verbal warning, a written warning, or in extreme cases, suspension, exclusion and even criminal prosecution of perpetrators.

Training 4 TEFL welcomes students with minor disabilities. Please inform us at the application stage if you (as a prospective student) or someone you are applying on behalf of (as a sponsor) has any known disability that may affect their course of study or the course of study of other students. Due to the nature of the building and the limited resources of our small school, we regret that we cannot accept students with a number of severe disabilities. Please see below for specific details, or contact us for more information.


We are able to provide support for students with minor visual or auditory impairment, both in the classroom and on the premises. However, our courses are not suitable, and we lack the necessary support resources for the totally blind or deaf. Please let us know at application stage if you, or someone you are applying on behalf of, suffer from any visual or auditory impairment that will need assistance.


Training 4 TEFL is currently located in a Georgian terrace house. This means that there are a number of staircases in the building and at the entrance, some of which are narrow. There is no lift in the building. Any students who find it difficult to climb stairs will find it difficult to use the premises. Due to the number of staircases both in the building and at the entrance, we regret that our premises are not suitable for clients in wheelchairs.

Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia and Similar Learning Difficulties

We are able to accept students with mild learning difficulties, such as the above, and may be able to accept students with more severe learning difficulties, depending on the exact needs of the student and the type and extent of the learning difficulty / difficulties. Please let us know at application stage if you, or someone you are applying on behalf of, suffer from any learning difficulties that you suspect or believe will need assistance. It will also be very useful for the teachers of students with learning difficulties to see copies of any psychologist’s reports provided for the students (translated into English, if possible). Please submit these at the application stage. In the event that a student’s learning difficulties are found to be more severe than initially estimated, such that it has a significant effect on that student’s course of study or the course of study of other students in the same class, we will provide guidance and pastoral support for that student to the best of our ability and training. On occasion, it may be necessary to pursue alternative arrangements for the student in question, such as advising the student to transfer to an alternative institution that has the capability to deal with such learning difficulties.

Mental Health Difficulties

Although we try our best to provide a high quality service, we do not have the resources to accept clients with significant mental health problems. Please let us know at the application stage if you, or anyone you are sponsoring, has any known mental health difficulties that may affect their course of learning or the course of learning of other students / trainees.

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