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Here you'll find news, information about events at Training 4 TEFL and Rose of York, tips for trainee teachers and much more!


February 2015

How important is feedback in an activity? I think it is vital and it can be exploited to ensure students have a true understanding of the new grammar or vocabulary that they have been learning. Feedback offers teachers a clear and focussed insight into how well the students have picked up their new knowledge and allows you to do more targeted and useful error correction of the language point. If you are using a guided discovery activity to practise the grammar, the students may have been using the rules to inform their answers, in feedback it is a good idea to ask them why they have selected the answer they have given - you can direct everyone to the appropriate rule, reason, time etc and ensure that all the students understand the meaning and use of the target language. Asking CCQs to reinforce this also helps students and you, as the teacher, to check understanding. Remember that feedback is not just a 'stage that I have to do to finish the task' but a real opportunity for consolidation. It may take longer than usual, but you can factor this in and your students will definitely benefit. Remember the value of MFP and try not to not skip any of these stages - do it thoroughly and you will see an improvement in your students' English and you will feel more satisfied in your day's work. Give it a go, and good luck!

Merry Christmas and here's to a very happy and prosperous New Year!!!

Wishing all our trainees a very happy Christmas - we are sure that some of you will be spending a traditional Christmas in the UK with family and friends but others of you will be epxeriencing something new in a different country and learning about other people's traditions and cultures - some of you may not even see any reference to Christmas, depending where you are. Please get in touch to tell us what you're up to, and have a successful and happy 2016! You can always post your news on our Facebook page to keep us up to date. All our best wishes, from the whole team at Training 4 TEFL.  


Where are they now?

We have been hearing from some of our past trainees, who are all doing extremely well and using their Trinity CertTESOLs in work around the world! Layla sent us an email last week, she said "I'm currently working at the Australian College of Kuwait teaching in the English Foundation Unit. I just wanted to thank you for all your help and tutelage when I was there!", thanks Layla - hope it all goes well. Lukas is working with children in a primary school in China, Yasemin has plans to follow her dreams and go to South Korea to teach TEFL, Liv is currently working with us at Rose of York and doing really well - she's a hit with all the students and staff. Rachel sent an email from Lisbon: "I managed to get a job surprisingly quickly with a really nice school and I've been teaching here for five months now.", Alice has spent two years teaching in Vietnam and has now moved back to the UK for a while. While waiting to go off to Japan with JET, Tiago and Nicholl are running a free English class in Notting Hill on Tuesday afternoons, helping people in the area who are struggling to integrate and would like to improve their English - they are on the look out for any volunteer teachers, so please let us know if you can help them out. Nicki has finally returned from her world trip and settled in the south of France, teaching a few private students to keep her busy! Ken has been teaching in Japan for 8 months, and has found the experience to be remarkable and Julie got a job through SaxonCourt in Taiwan! Well done to you all, keep those emails coming and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need any advice or support. All the best to everyone.

14th November 2015 - Congratulations to our October trainees!

Well done Loris, Ngoc, Marzia, Mike, Yeonju and Fon for passing on Saturday. You all did really well, worked hard, managed the stress calmly, supported each other all the way through and certainly deserve your certificates!!! You were a great group and made our last course of the year very enjoyable. Please keep in touch to let us know where in the world you go - we love to hear about everyone's successes. Please like us on  Facebook and recommend our course to your friends. Once again, well done and now ... relax!

17th October 2015 - Well done trainees!

September trainees; Liv, Anny, Fatima, Sama, Sharon, Mari, Narine and Nina well done for completing the course. You all worked very hard and supported each other extremely well. It was so rewarding seeing you learn and develop into great teachers. Please keep in touch, and tell us how you're doing, we like to know how' old' trainees progress in their TEFL careers! Also, please recommend us to your family and friends and like us on Facebook!

15th September 2015 - Well done and loads of luck!

Congratulations to our August trainees - you all deserved to pass yesterday and did so with flying colours!!! We wish you all the luck in the world with your next adventure somewhere new in the world! Laila, David, Tiago, Nicholl, Oli, Uchechi, Nilesh, Miley and Maliha - congratulations! You were a great group and lots of fun, thanks for making our job so enjoyable.  Please like us on Facebook and keep in touch - we love to hear how you're all getting on.

1st August 2015 - Congrats to our July cohort!!!

Well done to all our July trainees for passing the course successfully. It was a difficult course at times but you all pulled together and supported each other really well - and came out the other side as qualified TEFL teachers. Now the world's your oyster, and we wish you all the luck in it! To Denise, Kowser, Nigel, Emma, Yasemin, Rick, Carla and Lukas; huge congratulations. Please stay in touch and recommend us to any of your friends and family who want a very rewarding and fun career in English teaching. Please like us on Facebook where you can also tell us how you're getting on.  

4th July 2015 - Well done June trainees!

Reka, Clive, Neha, Jamie, Jia, Stephen, Gavin, Aris and Randip all passed the course on Saturday! You were a great group and really supported and helped each other through the four weeks of the course, it was a pleasure to witness such camaraderie. It was so rewarding to see you develop into teachers and you were all very enthusiastic and worked extremely hard, huge congratulations. Please tell your friends about us, and like us on Facebook, where you can also tell us how you're getting on. We love to hear about all our past trainees' experiences and we wish you lots of luck! 

3rd June 2015 - Congratulations to our successful May course trainees

Well done to Carl, Jimi, Nidhi, Caroline, Jack, Matilda, and Kevin - you are all teachers now, and can go off into the wide world to start your glowing teaching careers! You all worked very hard, improved considerably over the course and did it all with a smile and a positive attitude - many congratulations from all of us at Rose of York! Please recommend us to your friends, and like us on Facebook, where you can also update us on what you're up to, and where in the world you are. All the best.

28th March 2015 - Well done guys!

Congratulations to Amor, Badra, Raouia, Shuk, Julie and Romane for completing the course and well done to you all for passing succesfully. You pushed yourselves to the limit and reached your full potential - well done! You supported and encouraged each other admirably and embraced every task with enthusiasm. Please like us on Facebookand thank you for recommending our course to your friends and family. Keep in touch, we do like to know how all our trainees are doing!

28th February 2015 - Well done to the February T4T gang!

The hard work really paid off for Huw, Spike, Layla, Afshin, Nour, James and Elena; your certificates were certainly well- deserved. Thanks for being a lovely bunch of people to work with. We wish you the best of luck as you commence or continue your TEFL journey. Keep us posted on how you get on! Please like us on Facebook and recommend our course to your friends and family. Once again, congratulations to you all.

31st January 2015 - Congratulations to our January 2015 trainees!

Well done to our first course of the year: Samantha, Renata, Ivonne, Emma, Awaz, William and Emile! You all worked really hard and deserved to get your certificates. It was difficult at times but you maintained your high standards, supported one another really well and got there in the end!!! Please keep in touch, and let us know where you are working. Please like us on Facebook and recommend our course to your friends and family. Once again, congratulations to you all.

Where are they now?

We have had a few updates from past trainees recently. Marcellina is starting her second year teaching in a small family-run school in Indonesia and is hoping to go on to do a Masters in August. Rachel is moving to Portugal, after spending the last couple of months teaching here, at Rose of York. She feels much more confident and had a positive experience here, which will help her to fulfill her dreams of teaching in Portugal. Iben has a very exciting job teaching a 20 hour / week course to students at a backpacker hostel in Edinburgh - it sounds like a great challenge. Sarah is applying to do her PGCE at university, after gaining a better understanding of and enjoying the teaching experience at T4T. Eva is working as a private language tutor, Dan has applied to work as a SEN teacher, Nely and Pueling are working in the eduation sector and Will is hoping to do a PGCE in History for secondary teaching. You are all doing so well, and we wish you lots of luck in your future careers. Well done, and keep those updates coming in!!! 

Happy New Year!

January is usually a fairly quiet month at Training 4 TEFL, but this year we are already busy with a big new group of trainees, which is a good sign for the rest of the year! We have also been inundated with reference requests for past trainees recently, I hope you are successful in all your endeavours and good luck everyone. As always, please let us know how you're doing, and remember to recommend our course to your friends and family members who are interested in TEFL teaching as a career, be it a new direction or as an entry to working life. Have a look at our Facebook page, and please 'like' us. Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and successful 2015, from all the team at Training 4 TEFL!!! 

Merry Christmas and a happy and successful 2015! 

Since we started in November 2011, we have seen over 300 trainees taking our course. We have an exemplary pass rate and offer a comprehensive course meaning that trainees leave, having passed successfully, being well-prepared and confident about teaching anywhere in the world. There are so many opportunities to work and travel with the Trinity Cert TESOL qualification - you can fulfill your dreams by teaching, learning and having fun every single day. Please tell your families and friends about our course - the friendliest TEFL training in London. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year!

13th December 2014 - Congratulations to our November trainees!

Well done Ayesha, Freddie, Esme, Jamie, Leon, Owen and Ruth for passing on Saturday. You all did really well, worked hard and weathered the stress admirably!!! You were a very studious, focussed group and all improved dramatically in your teaching practice. Please keep in touch to let us know where in the world you end up - we love to hear everyone's news. Please like us on Facebook and tell your friends about our course. Once again, well done and have a very relaxing, Merry Christmas!

15th November 2014 - Well done trainees, and good luck!

Congratulations to all our October trainees - Becky, Will, Frank, Simon, Francis, Shantelle, Malti, Andres, Chi Ho and Sharmin. You all did really well, worked hard and supported each other through the course. You all deserve to go on and get some great jobs all around the world. Please 'like' us on Facebook, tell your friends about us and keep in touch - we always love to hear how all our 'old' trainees are doing!

18th October 2014 - Congratulations to yet another group of successful trainees!

Well done to Andanti, Dan, Richard, Caroline and Jane. You were such a friendly and polite group who bonded really well - a real pleasure to train. You all did really well, and we wish you every success in your future careers! Please keep in touch and let us know how, and where, you are. Well done! Please have a look at your photos and 'like' us on Facebook

16th September 2014 - Well done to you all!

Congratulations to all our September trainees, Mia, Rachel, Kadia, Polly, Gabriel, Sohail and Rezwana, who worked very hard and all successfully passed the course! Please keep in touch to let us know how you get on in your future TEFL careers and have a look at your photos on Facebook - please 'like' us and tell your friends about us!  

16th August 2014 - Goodbye and good luck!

To all our August trainees: Ibrahim, Alena, Iulia, Irina, Delia, Natasha, Sophie, Barbara, Rupert, Alex, Eszter, Fran, Anthony - you did it! Well done for working so hard and finishing the course! Good luck in the future and keep in touch! We hope you enjoy the rest of the summer and all get some exciting jobs very soon! Your photos are on Facebook - please remember to 'like' us. 

19th July 2014 - Congratulations to our June trainees!

Big up to our June trainees for passing the course successfully, you were all a great group and worked really hard, well done! It also made a nice change to have more boys than girls - very unusual and a good dynamic!! And we also had our second broken arm in 2 months! :) Chris, Henry, Will, Jacob, Zac, Emran, Sarah, Yvette and Jenny well done, and please let us know how you get on in the future. Have a look at your photos and remember to tell your friends and 'like' us on Facebook. Enjoy the summer!

Summer break

We're having a short summer break so that we have the opportunity to teach students again for a couple of weeks to remind us how much fun it is, and also to enjoy the sunshine! However, we are looking forward to a busy summer with both our June and July courses almost full and the August course already filling up well. Send us an email or give us a call if you're interested in registering, but you'd better be quick!

9th June 2014 - Well done and good luck for the future to our May trainees!

Congrats to all of you for passing with flying colours! You were a great bunch, loads of fun and we had so much laughter in the classroom - it's so quiet and we miss you this week! Well done to Frank, Jen, Abigail, Pueling, Amanda, Sarah-Jane, Luke, Aisha, Iuliia, Matt, Nick, Lauren and Syeda Faiqa - please keep in touch from all around the world to let us know how you're doing. Please have a look at the photos, tell your friends about us and 'like' us on Facebook. All the best!

30th April 2014 - Whoooop! Congratulations to our April trainees! You did it!

Huge congratulations to the April gang - Anna, Sarah, Michelle, Max, Ravshan, Claire, Jason, Fayza, Karen, James, Nely, Natasha and Theodora! You worked really hard, looked after each other so well and had a great laugh along the way. Thanks for all your positive feedback. We will miss you but are sure you are all going on to great things with your new qualification! Please keep in touch, check out your course photos and 'like' us on Facebook. Best of luck for the future!


29th March 2014 - Well done March trainees!

Well done, and good luck with your future TEFL careers to Inez, Tas, Alex, Dani, Jane, Maria and Ana who all successfully passed the March course. You all worked incredibly hard and were a very strong group overall. Please keep in touch, check out your photos and 'like' us on Facebook.

1st March 2014 - Congratulations to our February trainees!

Well done to our trainees  in February who passed the course successfully - you were a great group and so supportive of one another - a pleasure to train. Good luck to Carol, Stuart, Tim, Matt B, Paula, Natasha, Sandra, Stef, Matt R, John, Dan, Nick and Ken you all worked really hard and I know you will all be welcomed as teachers wherever you go. Please keep in touch, check out your course photos and 'like' us on Facebook.

3rd February 2014 - Well done and farewell to our first group of trainees in January 2014!

Congratulations to Steve, Maggie, Tessa, Nicki and Kathryn for passing the course successfully - you all worked extremely hard and supported each other amazingly well. You were a pleasure to train and we will miss your can-do attitudes and happy faces every morning! You all have such varied and exciting plans for the future, we hope you keep in touch and let us know how you're getting on. Once again, very well done to you all, and thank you for your positive feedback to and about us, we really appreciate it! Please have a look at the course photos and please 'like' us on Facebook.

16th January 2014 - Happy New Year to all our past, current (and future) trainees!

Our January course has started well, the trainees are getting stuck in and progressing quickly, demonstrating improvements in all areas. We have lots of enthusiastic students for them to teach from a wide range of nationalities. The free courses are as popular as ever and we have a great deal of interest for future courses; so if you have any friends or family who are interested in doing a TEFL course, please recommend us. We wish you all a very healthy and successful 2014! 

20th December 2013 - Merry Christmas from Training 4 TEFL!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all trainee teachers; past, present and future. Hope you have a merry ol’ time and a fantastic 2014!

This year has been a very successful year for Training 4 TEFL, with over 100 trainees completing and passing the course. Well done to each and every one of you. We wish you all the best in your teaching careers and hope you have a lovely Christmas, wherever you are in the world!

We have decided to do a dance for everyone this year, enjoy!!!

Congratulations to the November trainees!

Well done to Naomi, Dan, Hannah, Sarah, Elisa, Nathalie, Ruth, Sara, Anna, Katie, Cora, Rosanna, Glenn and Jess for completing the course and qualifying - you all worked very hard and passed moderation successfully! We wish you all a very restful and Merry Christmas; and good luck in the coming year. Please let us know how you're getting on, and visit our Facebook page to keep us updated on your news!

13th December 2013 Christmas Party

Trainees, students and staff had a fun evening at the Christmas party last night. There was a raffle, drinks vouchers and dancing to Christmas tunes. Santa even made an early appearance to deliver the prizes! We are pleased that everyone enjoyed it!!! 

16th November 2013 - Congratulations to the October trainees!

Well done and good luck to all our November trainees - Jamie, Bea, Tashi, Paulette, Bryony, Marian, Harmin, Susan, Peter, Hardy and Ryan! You were a fab group to train and we wish you all lots of luck in the future - please let us know how you get on. 

Have a look at the photos and please 'like' us on Facebook

Where are they now?

Laurence, a trainee from our August course has got a job in China teaching at a school, and will be flying out on Thursday - we wish you lots of luck with this Laurence, we're sure you'll be great! Tom, from September, is moving to southern Italy in a couple of days to work with children and adults in a language school out there, he has already had lots of help and advice from his new employers, who have also given him accommodation and a fully stocked fridge on arrival! Well done, Tom, good luck to you too. Jennifer from the July course got married a few weeks ago, congratulations, and is enjoying her new life in Tunisia. Best of luck to you all, and to all our trainees who have succesfully completed the course. Please keep in touch!

Asking CCQs by Sam

CCQs, or Concept Checking Questions, are one of the most difficult, important and useful skills a trainee teacher needs to learn. Initially it will be difficult for you to think of these on the spot so it is best to plan them in advance, and write them on your Lesson Plan, or the back of the handout.


CCQs help learners consolidate their understanding of a new language point, be it lexis (vocab) or grammar. Ideally you will ask 3 questions for each exponent in order to ensure everyone in the class has understood. CCQs are closed questions, so Yes/No questions or one word answers are necessary so that you can assess how well your learners have understood, and answered the question, or not! Remember, also, not to use complex language in your questions as the students need to understand it easily.

Let’s think about some examples of lexis/vocabulary that may be unfamiliar to students:

Example One - steep

 Step 1. Elicit the word type - adjective - and board it.

Step 2. Describe/elicit definition of the word. Perhaps use/draw a picture of a steep angle.

Step 3. Ask your CCQs, it is often helpful to start the question with ‘If...’

OK, so here are some of my examples:

If a hill is steep if it easy to walk up? Is a mountain steep? Is the road outside steep? Can water be steep? Is a person steep?

Example Two - gleaming

Step 1. Elicit the word type - adj /verb (depending on the context) - and board it.

Step 2. Elicit/describe the definition. Perhaps use an example of a diamond or the sea with the sun shining on it.

Step 3. CCQs. If something is gleaming, is it bright? Does it only gleam in the light? Can you see it from a distance? Is it shiny/smooth? Can the sun gleam? If something is gleaming, is it at night?

Now let’s think about grammar structures.

Example One - future perfect

“By December 2016, Brazil will have hosted the World Cup.”

Step 1. This is an action that will be true/finished by a certain/specific time in the future.

Step 2. When is the World Cup? Has it already happened? If I go to Brazil in December 2016, will I see the World Cup? What month is it now? Will the World Cup finish before December 2016?

Step 3. Think about how you might draw a timeline to illustrate this to add another means of checking the learners' understanding.

Example Two - past simple

“I ate two cakes yesterday.”

Step 1. This is a completed action at a certain/known time in the past.

Step 2. When did you eat the cakes? How many did you eat? Did you finish the cakes? Is the action complete? Is it in the past or present?

Step 3. A timeline here might also help.

British Council TeachingEnglish Blog Award

We recently received news that one of our August  trainees, Larissa, has won this prestigious blog award. Please check out her blog at where you will find lots of useful tips and ideas for teaching. Well done, Larisssa, it was a well-deserved win!!!  

19th October 2013 - Well done September trainees!

Congratulations to all our September trainees for passing the Cert TESOL course on Saturday. We wish Jaye, Annabel, Ifeoma, Tom, Laurence, David, Nerina, Justin, Adam, Dominique and Nabil the best of luck - you all worked extremely hard and were a great group! 

Where are they now?

Andy, a trainee from our April 2013 course, has "just finished my first week of teaching at a mixed high school in Muan, South Korea. I am living in an apartment in a place called Mokpo on the coast. Students are great and v funny. The teachers in the school are wonderful and very supportive." Well done Andy, we hope you continue to enjoy your time there.

Ola has applied for a job as an IELTS Examiner in Nigeria, Eleanor is currently looking for work in Moscow, where she moved a couple of weeks ago, Allan is heading off to teach in China imminently, Jo is hoping to move to Madrid as soon as she gets a teaching job, Farhaad has moved to Bangkok to teach and Iben is hoping to work in the Far East as soon as her visa is granted - good luck to you all, and please keep in touch by email or on our Facebook page!


17th September 2013 - Congratulations to our August intake!

Congratulations and good luck to Cheryl, Nick, Laurence, Aisha, Dana, Lauren, Larissa, Philip, Ben, Lillie and Aleks on passing the course. You became a very close knit group and, as we told you, will all be remembered for your unique personalities!!! You were a lot of fun and worked hard to achieve a successful result. Please let us know how you get on in the future and remember to like us on Facebook where you will also find the photos from your course. Well done to you all.

17th August 2013 - Well done and good luck for the future to our July trainees.

Well done to all our July trainees, you did really well and it was a great course. Jennifer, Ola, Eleanor, Ceri, Farhaad, Lara, Joe, Craig, Sophie, Marcellina and Jessica all passed the course successfully. The moderator was very complimentary about you all - she was very impressed - and thank you for your positive comments about the course!

Ola is already back in Nigeria and Joe has been looking for work in China. Good luck to all of you - please keep in touch and tell us how you are doing in your blossoming TEFL careers! Photos of you and your students, and the group on Saturday are on  Facebook so please have a look and 'like' us. Cheers!

9th July 2013 - Congratulations to June trainees!

Fantastic news that Joanna, Zarrin, Nivetitha, Laetitia, Matilda, Allan, Alex, Eva and Maricia all passed on Saturday - well done, you deserved it. The moderator could see what a close group you were, and thought that you would miss each other! I think she was right, and so will we.

Good luck in the future, guys, and please keep in touch. Alex has got a job at a summer school where he started yesterday, quick work Alex, well done! And Nive has already been sending out applications - it's a good idea to work quickly, fingers crossed. 


We've posted your photos on Facebook here! so please 'Like' us and let us know where you all end up! Best of luck everyone :) 

6th June 2013 - Congratulations to May Trainees!

Congratulations to Eliane, Una, Naseer, Ashley, Josiane and Virginia who all passed! The moderator thought that you'd ll worked really hard. Check out the photos on Facebook here!

Eliane has returned to Brazil, where she will be able to put her Cert TESOL innto practice with lots of Brazilian students, good luck out there, and we look forward to hearing from the rest of you, telling us where you all are and how your teaching is going. Well done!

29th May 2013 - Where are they now?

Robert, from our March 2013 course, sent us an email recently: "I am leaving for Ghana at the end of the month and have something lined up with a school for children of French speaking ex-pats...THANK YOU for all the support you gave me. I really needed it!!" Thank you, Robert, we wish you lots of luck and we are sure you will enjoy immersing yourself in Ghana and its culture. Please keep in touch!

Alfred, from Feb 2012, has applied to a number of summer schools and is hoping to start at one of these next month and Kimberley, a trainee on our Nov-Dec 2012 course, is starting at another summer school in a couple of weeks, have fun and good luck both of you - it will be a great experience! 

Summer Schools

Summer schools are a great way to kick off your TEFL career as they offer a variety of challenge and experience with a range of students from diverse nationalities, backgrounds and levels. They cater for newly qualified teachers effectively, providing support from and guidance by experienced teachers, and you can try out lots of different activities and approaches in the classroom. Young learners respond well to positive energy, a mixture of activities and are inspired by different styles and techniques. It is always a lot of fun!

Summer schools generally look for enthusiastic teachers who like to work hard and play hard developing solid lessons and participating in excursions and other activities. You can look out for all these jobs on the usual websites, and you can start looking now because schools start recruiting early - there are lots of vacancies to fill! 

Please keep in touch and let us know how you're getting on!

24th May 2013 - Congratulations to April Trainees!

Congratulations to Jacqui, Iben, Emma, Henri, Mark, Andy, Jasmine, Ron and Richard from the April course. You were great trainees, full of fun and you got on so well from the word go! The moderator thought you were a really friendly and chatty group, and thank you for the positive comments you made about T4T. We've put a couple of end of course photos on our Facebook page here.

Mark and Richard have both already left for Europe, Andy has been fielding copious offers of work from, among others, China and Thailand while Iben and Jacqui are making plans to travel and teach together soon! Ron will be a familiar face around the school next month as our Afrikaans teacher and we would like to hear from the rest of you. Well done and all the best for your future careers. 

18th April 2013 - Where are they now?

Ebere Nwoko (June course) emailed us this week from Korea. Here's what she said: "I'm now in South Korea!  I've been in Korea since February, teaching in the city of Incheon. I work in a public elementary school and teach 400 kids every week. The school is great and the kids are pretty cool too.  It's definitely a lot of work, but I really enjoy it.  I also have a teachers class once a week with a few staff members who want to improve their English and surprisingly  it's actually my favourite class to teach!  I just wanted to say, the Training4Tefl course was really great and I feel it prepared me well for my new career as an EFL teacher.  So thank you for all your hard work." Thanks Ebere, and good luck with the work. 400 kids sounds like quite a lot of names to remember! 

5th April 2013 - Congratulations to March Trainees!


Congratulations to William, Huda, Robert, Alessia, Hammal, Alex, Shamus and Sung Hae (Naomi) on the March-April course. Everybody passed! The moderator said you guys were a fantastic bunch! High praise indeed. Check out the photos on Facebook here!

2nd April 2013 - Where are they now?

Ilaria Tomaselli (Oct-Nov course) just emailed us from China where she's currently working for the American K12 Educational Centre. She says she's loving the job and the kids. Apparently her demo lesson went so well, she's now earning as much as we are!!! As Ilaria herself says: "Not bad for my first job, right?" Too true! Good work Ilaria and stay in touch.


26th March 2013 - Where are they now?

Brian O'Callaghan, from the September course last year has just dropped us an email from Thailand. He's working at Montford College in Chiang Mai, 'a lovely secondary school located just outside the city.' Well done Brian. If you get time, send us a photo of you and your students.


19th March 2013 - Building a Rapport with your Learners by Stephanie

Here are eight tips on how to build a good rapport with your learners, something Stephanie knows a lot about:


1) Get to know your students, remember what they tell you and use it in class. This is particularly helpful when you are giving examples as students will relate to the topic and it will facilitate learning.

2) Praise your students to build up their confidence but remember to praise sincerely to avoid sounding patronising.

3) Don’t forget about ‘body language rapport’. Eye contact, use of gestures and smiling are all important parts of natural body language that trainee teachers sometimes neglect. Don't just listen to your students; watch them as well while they interact and respond to you and each other.

4) Don’t laugh at your students or put them down as it might cause embarrassment and knock their confidence. Create an honest and trusting atmosphere so students feel comfortable sharing their experiences and participating throughout.

5) Be patient while students are responding. Don't jump in or hurry them. Acknowledge what they are saying, correct them if appropriate, but allow them to finish.

6) Have fun!  Enjoy teaching, use humour and be positive.  The EFL classroom can be a fun place, but remember to balance the fun with focussed language learning. Getting the balance right is a key skill here.

7) Remember that by making a difference to their lives you can positively enhance their learning experience. They don’t only see you as a teacher but sometimes as a confidant and a friend, or even just an A to Z!  You have the knowledge and can assist them in many different ways. Be generous and they’ll repay your generosity.

8) Elicitation is the key element to keeping all students engaged and to build curiosity. The more curious students are, the more willing they are to learn.  

14th March 2013 - Where are they now?

We've just had an email home from Dave (October course). He's currently enjoying the Mexican sun teaching adults and teenage learners at a small private school in Guadalajara. He mentioned he's been given a nice flat by the school, so if any of his co-trainees need a holiday, drop him an email. In his spare time he's learning the language and taken up birdwatching.. I wonder where he got that idea from! :-)  

7th March 2013 - Congratulations to February Trainees!

Well done to the February 2013 trainees - Annabel, Emma, Carolina, Steven, Emelie, Daria - everybody passed! Good luck for the future and stay in touch! We've just posted a great photo of you guys with your students on our Facebook page - check it out here.

19th February 2013 - Where are they now?

Just had an email from Jennifer - a graduate from May last year. She's currently in Yongin, South Korea, teaching both adults and children English. It sounds like she's enjoying teaching the kids, although she said the hours are rather long. That's typical in Korea where everybody works very hard. The good news is you can save a bit of money as there's no time to spend it!

7th February 2013 - Where are they now?

That must be a new record. Just a few hours after picking up her certificates and report, January graduate Elaine has just secured herself work with a good school in Golder's Green London, teaching business English and children. Well done Elaine! It sounds like a sensible school, and I agree with their suggestion of not starting at Elementary level. I personally find it the most challenging (and the most interesting) of all levels! 

2nd February 2013 - Congratulations to the January Trainees!

Well done to the January 2013 trainees - Evgenia, Elaine, Sigrid, Jenna, Andy, Chloe, Alex, Paz, Tom and Kerri - everybody passed! Good luck for the future and stay in touch!

23rd January 2013 - Where are they now?

We've just had an email home from Michael Thomas (September  course). He's already been working in Palermo, Italy for 2 months now. Life is great, he's improving his Italian in evening classes, and is already missing home! He invited all his co-trainees to come and visit soon. If you're coming from the UK, please bring Marmite, he writes!

16th January 2013 - Where are they now?

We've just had an email home from Alice Slee (October 2012 course): "I'll send a proper email with pictures attached soon but for now I'll just say life is fantastic. The job is brilliant, kids aged 2.5 to 14 at the moment. I love them. Saigon (Vietnam) is insane but so am I so that's ok." Alice has got a job working as teacher of young learners in Vietnam. Good to hear from you Alice. We're very jealous of the hot weather - London is freezing!!! We look forward to seeing the photos, as I'm sure your colleagues from the October course do!

9th January 2013 - Happy New Year from Training 4 TEFL!

The January 2013 course is well under way. We've got a full class of trainee teachers, and they're all progressing very quickly, looking promising for the course. Keep working hard and staying on top of the workload. The really nice thing about the courses at this time of year is the English students that the trainees teach. There is a really friendly atmosphere in the classes; lots of nationalities, all interested in each others' cultures and traditions - it makes teaching them enjoyable and rewarding. Be aware that as they gain confidence in your abilities as teachers, they'll start to ask more challenging questions, some of which can really get you thinking about the meaning of language. As one student legitimately asked me a few days ago: "Why can I say 'the hairs on my arm', but I can't say 'the hairs on my head'?"

7th January 2013 - Where are they now?

Congratulations to previous trainee Natalie from the November Cert TESOL. She's flying off to start a new job in China this weekend. Don't forget to send a postcard home, Natalie!

21st December 2012 - Another successful course!

Well done to the December 2012 trainees - Kimmy, Dan, Farah, Solange, Alison, Michael, Hodo and Stephanie - all passed! Good luck for the future. We'll miss you!

20th December 2012 - Merry Christmas from the team

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all trainee teachers, past present and future. Have a great festive season.

We had a wonderful Christmas Party. You can view and download the photos here.

We are coming to the end of 2012 and it's been a great year for Training 4 TEFL. A total of 154 trainees have completed the course, and all have passed. Well done everybody! We hope wherever you are in the world you're going to enjoy the festive season.

18th December 2012 - Where are they now?

Congratulations to our previous trainee Helen Sayani who is flying off to Bahrain next week to teach English having completed our CertTESOL course last month.  We wish you all the best in your new career Helen!

14th December 2012 - The Christmas Party

It's that time of year again. Our party will take place on 14th December here at the school. For the £2 ticket, you'll get free food and drinks (including the world-renowned Rose of York Sangria), excellent company and a great DJ. Santa is coming, too! There will be a Christmas raffle, with lots of prizes for (almost) everyone. The Christmas party is open to all Rose of York students and friends, and all Training 4 TEFL trainees and friends. 

10th December 2012 - Where are they now?

Well done to Karine Karredu, a previous trainee on our September-October 2012 course. She is now in Thailand, working for an organisation that provides language lessons to deprived and/or disabled children in Pattaya. Sounds like really rewarding work!

3rd December 2012 - Effective Lesson Planning by Jason

Here are 5 tips on writing effective lesson plans when teaching English:

1) Start with your aims, and write them as learning outcomes. Remember to use the sentence head: 'By the end of the lesson, the learners will be able to (do) / will have (done)...' This will help you to view the lesson from the point of view of your learners.

2) Plan your lesson around the Activate lesson stage. Many trainee teachers find it useful to think about the activity that the learners will do successfully as evidence of achievement of learning outcomes. You can even try doing the activity yourself, and notice what skills, vocabulary and grammar you need to do this. Make a list of these things and make sure you teach them earlier in the lesson if your learners don't already know them. 

3) Start the lesson well. A fun, enjoyable activity to engage the learners at the start of the lesson can help to create a nice atmosphere before you get down to the language study stage. Try to think of something that links in to the lesson topic. For example, one recent trainee, in a lesson that led to a restaurant role play, got the learners to write their perfect menu and compare with their partners - great idea!

4) Plan for pronunciation. It's easy to forget to model and drill pronunciation, so I recommend you plan in a pronunciation lesson stage. Keep it simple, and make sure you show the learners how to pronounce any new words or grammar structures well, and get them to repeat it after you (drilling). Follow this up with a little closed pair work, and then individual drilling to check they've all got it.

5) If in doubt, get them speaking. Learners all love to talk, and they also need more practice of this; it's the most sought-after skill, so if you're not sure about whether to do reading, writing, speaking or listening skills, prioritise speaking and your learners will be both challenged and happy!

26th November 2012 - Where are they now?

Well done to Mike Westwood from the October-November 2012 course - he's now secured a teaching position at a top central London language school teaching general English and private lessons. 

19th November 2012 - Learning the Phonemic Chart by Sam

The phonemic chart can seem like a real challenge when you start the course. Remember that you've got your whole career to learn the symbols, at this stage, focus on using it to identify learner difficulties (Ask yourself: "Which sound is she/he having difficulty with?") and to record words that are difficult for learners to predict the pronunciation of (e.g. 'although') when teaching new vocabulary. A little practice every day is the trick, and here's how to do it:

Write down 3 words in English, then using your chart, transcribe the words into phonemic script. Try to sound out the word while pronouncing it naturally. Then check your answers in a dictionary (you can use this one online: Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary), noticing any mistakes. You can also use 'Sounds', the pronunciation app for Android and I-phones. The basic version is free! 

18th November 2012 - Where are they now?

Patrick Doherty, a previous trainee from our October-November 2012 course has started his own ESOL training company and has already secured a contract with his first business client - a French estate agency. Well done Patrick! Check his website out at:  


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