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Your Needs as a Trainee The Perfect Classroom

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When we began running Training 4 TEFL teacher training courses, the first thing we did was to plan the classroom in which trainees would study from scratch. We needed to create a hi-tech, flexible learning environment that would be used for input workshops, watching video lessons, preparing for teaching and teaching English to students.  

We began by getting a state of the art Smartboard™ Interactive Whiteboard. We believe it’s a resource of the future, and you’ll be able to discover its potential and indulge your creative skills, both in your lesson preparation and when you're teaching. Of course, we’ll also make sure you’re equipped with the skills to use standard whiteboards, so that you can cope in a more traditional teaching environment. 

We’ve equipped the classroom with wireless internet for you to use on your laptop. There’s also a dedicated computer, printer and scanner, plenty of stationery and many more computers in the school for you to use any time you need them. You’ve also got your own dedicated library in the classroom with all the reference books, class textbooks and other resources at your fingertips whenever you need them. And there’s secure space to store your folders and bags, so that you don’t have to carry them home if you don’t want to – all making life a little easier for our hard-working trainees.

Finally, we’ve created a secure online classroom on our website, which will be open to you 24/7 during your course. You’ll find input notes and handouts here, pre-course preparation material and you'll even be able to view and download photos taken on your course once you've finished so you'll never forget your Training 4 TEFL course! 

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