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The Qualification: Trinity CertTESOL The Five Units of Learning

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The Trinity CertTESOL is designed around five units of learning:

Unit 1: Teaching skills

This includes teaching methodology, lesson planning, classroom teaching practice, self-evaluation of your lessons, observation of experienced teachers, materials evaluation and assessment. You’ll be assessed by your tutors on this both through your classroom teaching and self-evaluation, as well as through your lesson plan journal. The unit is moderated by Trinity.

Unit 2: Language Awareness

This includes your knowledge and understanding of both grammar and phonology, and how this knowledge can be applied to help learners in the classroom. You will be assessed on this through a written exam at the end of the course, which will be moderated by Trinity.

Unit 3: The Learner Profile

This includes interviewing and finding out about one of your learners, his/her needs, interests, motivation etc., and then preparing and teaching a 1-to-1 lesson to this learner. You will write about this in a detailed assignment which will be assessed by the course tutors and moderated by Trinity.

Unit 4: The Materials Assignment

This includes designing one set of materials for use in class, producing a rationale for it and evaluating how effective it was. This unit will be assessed by the Trinity moderator.

Unit 5: Unknown Language

This includes studying an unfamiliar language as a beginner and writing about your experiences in the Unknown Language Journal. This will be assessed by the course tutors and moderated by Trinity.

The Training 4 TEFL Trinity CertTESOL course has been carefully designed to incorporate and teach all these 5 units; Unit 1, as the largest unit, receives the greatest attention, and is learnt gradually throughout the course, as is Unit 2. Units 3, 4 and 5 are dealt with as assignments with special input sessions in the timetable to introduce and guide you through completion of these assignments. 

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