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Cert TESOL Course Details TEFL Classroom Assistant and Pre-course Observation Programmes

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The Training 4 TEFL Pre-course Observation Programme

If you would like extra preparation for your Training 4 TEFL Cert TESOL, you can complete the Pre-course Observation Programme before your course starts.

What it involves:

  • You will observe three 90-minute English lessons by qualified, experienced EFL teachers at our school and complete simple, but useful observation tasks to enable you to notice key features of the lessons
  • You will be able to ask questions to the teacher after the lesson and discuss what you saw
  • You will meet with one of the course tutors to discuss the lessons and your observation tasks
  • The tutor will give you useful feedback and advice to help you prepare further for your course
  • You can choose days and levels to suit your timetable, either doing all on one day, or spreading them out over 3 separate days
  • You’ll receive a Training 4 TEFL certificate upon completion of the programme

Cost:  £90                When to arrange it:  During or after your interview


The Training 4 TEFL Classroom Assistant Programme

If you would like valuable work experience as a EFL teacher after you have completed your Trinity Cert TESOL course, you can enrol on the Training 4 TEFL Classroom Assistant Programme.

What it involves:

  • You will work together with a qualified, experienced EFL teacher at our school to deliver six 90 minute English lessons to a real fee-paying class of learners of English in a multilingual classroom
  • You will work with one teacher and one group of learners, getting to know their needs and interests and observing and assisting in several lessons initially
  • After observing and assisting the main teacher, you’ll also be responsible for planning and teaching one of the lessons to the learners under the supervision and guidance of the experienced teacher
  • You’ll receive feedback on your lesson from the teacher and a Training 4 TEFL certificate upon completion of the Classroom Assistant Programme
  • You’ll gain an extra 9 hours of teaching practice at a top central London language school as well as your Trinity Cert TESOL course to put on your CV

Cost:  £160        When to arrange it:  Just ask about it any time between the interview and completing your course. You can even return to do it after your course has finished (open to Training 4 TEFL graduates only). 



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