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Cert TESOL Course Details Course Length & Daily Timetable

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The majority of courses run for 4 weeks, with trainees studying at the school from Monday to Friday. The assessment day (called Moderation) happens on the Saturday following the final Friday of the course (i.e. only 1 Saturday for each course). This allows an extra day of learning over most other Trinity CertTESOL or Cambridge CELTA courses, which often schedule moderation for the final Friday. This extra day makes our 4-week course less intensive than other courses. Occasionally, if there are one or two bank holidays in a week, we may run a 22 or 23 day course. Check out our start dates and course fees here.

Daily hours are usually from 9am to 5:30pm, sometimes finishing earlier, occasionally later depending on the stage in the course and how much personal assistance you require from your teaching practice tutor at the end of the day.

The morning is dedicated to ‘inputs’ - interactive workshops on different themes related mainly to teaching theory and practice, grammar and phonology (the study of pronunciation). Click here to see trainee teachers learning in an input session. After the lunch break, the focus moves onto teaching practice; you’ll work in small groups usually of 3-5 trainees (called teaching practice groups) and a number of you (this number depends on the stage in the course) will teach a class of learners while others sit at the back with one of the course tutors to watch and learn from the lesson. The lesson is followed by feedback, in which the trainees and the tutor discuss the lessons, both the strengths and the weaknesses, concluding with recommendations and suggestions to try out in future lessons. We ensure that the trainees who have taught get a chance to self evaluate their own lessons before peer or tutor evaluation, and all trainees receive written feedback from their tutor at the end of the feedback session. During the afternoon you’ll also have time to prepare for your lessons the next day, when you’ll have the assistance of your tutors, who are on hand to help with any questions or to provide suggestions while you are preparing your lessons. Here’s an example day from week 2 of the course timetable:

 Week Two



Teaching Vocabulary

Course Tutor




Error Correction

Course Director


Teaching Speaking

Course Director




Teaching Practice: Lesson 4

Teaching Practice Tutors




Feedback on Teaching Practice: Lesson 4

Teaching Practice Tutors




Guided Preparation for Teaching: Lesson 5

Course Director

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