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Your Needs as a Trainee Computers and Online Resources

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As trainees on the Training 4 TEFL courses, you’ll have access to our wireless network whenever you need it to check emails, surf the internet, use your dedicated printer or scanner located in your classroom, or access documents in the online classroom. This is great if you’ve got a laptop, and if you haven’t we’ve got lots of computers for you to use. As well as the PC in the classroom itself, there are another 5 in the school library and 5 in the internet cafe; trainees have priority access on all these computers. You can use these PCs for preparing lesson materials and plans, typing up assignments, doing research online or checking your Facebook and emails; it's up to you!

The online classroom on our website will be open to you 24/7 as soon as you’ve enrolled on your course. You’ll find input notes and handouts here, pre-course preparation materials and even be able to view and download photos taken on your course after you've finished so you'll never forget your Training 4 TEFL course!

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