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The Qualification: Trinity CertTESOL Assessment

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Assessment on the Training 4 TEFL Trinity CertTESOL course is a combination of continuous assessment by your tutors, and external assessment by an external moderator who will visit the school at the end of the course to look at your coursework, interview you about your course and discuss your progress with the tutors. Your teaching practice will be assessed by two teaching practice tutors, who will each guide you for 2 weeks of the course.

They will make an assessment at the end of the course, based on your development and improvement through the course, including your ability to accurately self-evaluate your lessons as well as your teaching skills and learn from your errors and successes. Most of your assignments will be marked by your tutors. One will be marked by the external moderator. You’ll also take a short exam at the end of the course on aspects of language such as grammar, phonology and vocabulary; based on what you’ve learnt during the course.

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